The old Jillian's building has been sold for almost a million dollars, but the big question is what are the future plans for the building. We took your suggestions a couple weeks back and everyone was in agreement that they needed a place for music inside that building again. Apparently it will be that and much more.

According to All Over Albany

+ A pub/restaurant on the Pearl Street level. Pratt says they'll be making an announcement about that soon.

+ An event space on the next floor up, which will host live music and comedy. Pratt said they figure the space could potentially hold 300-400 people, and they're aiming for a feel similar to Helsinki Hudson. The event space will have an entrance separate from the pub/restaurant on Pearl Street, and they'll have different names, but they'll be connected and served by the same kitchen.

+ The top floor will have two apartments. (There's an apartment up there already.)

They also plan to rename the building as the "Albany Annex." The Jillian's sign will be coming down. "It's gotta go," Pratt said. "It's time."

Hopefully this new rendition of the old building will help revive downtown Albany. I have never been to Helenski Hudson but from the pictures online it seems like a nice place. Hopefully this will make downtown Albany a fun place again.