Fathers Day is one of the most overlooked holidays of the year. Sorry, Dad! Come on, I’m kidding. Not only do we love OUR fathers, we love our TV fathers as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby – The Cosby Show)

Nobody defined “tough love” like good old Cliff. 

Homer Simpson (Voiced by Dan Castellaneta – The Simpsons)

He’s dumb, lazy, clumsy and a drunk.  Oh yeah, he likes donuts too but we love him anyway.  Sounds like most of our dads, right?

Al Bundy (Ed O’Neil – Married With Children)

Al keeps it real.  This dude is without a doubt the king of his castle.  He makes watching TV on the couch with your hand down your pants look like the most comfortable position known to man.

Uncle Phil (James Avery – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

He was a provider and protector for his family, extended family, and he absorbed every fat joke from Will Smith.  Uncle Phil is a stand up dude.

Alan Harper (John Cryer – 2 And A Half Men)

Alan makes every dude look like a top notch pimp.  His skills with the ladies are non-existent… and it’s hysterical to watch.