After balling out with his anthemic hit “All the Way Up,” Fat Joe goes into lovey-dovey mode with his smooth rap ballad, “Love You to Pieces.”

The song features the hip-hop vet teaming up with R&B wunderkind Bryson Tiller who sings the infectious hook. On the ballad, Joey Crack spits come-hither lines to a woman who catches his eye.

"Soulmates are like diamonds / You never can make them / You got to find them / And your beauty is quite blinding / It's like staring at the sun on an island," he raps, adding, "Your love is the sweetest / You’re the piece to my puzzle / I love you to pieces."

In an interview on the RapRadar podcast, Fat Joe revealed that he almost had a chance to sign Tiller just before he blew up with his debut album, TrapSoul.

"So my man Rich The Barber...Bryson Tiller used to live in Rich The Barber’s house," he explains. "To keep it a buck...I tried to sign Bryson Tiller and he fronted, he fronted!”

“He was just dope,” he added. “He was just sitting around with us like everyday and I got records with Bryson Tiller...Big records with Bryson Tiller. He was the last n---- to come from the air, from the energy."

"Love You to Pieces" might have came from one of their storied recording sessions. We suggest that Fat Joe put his ego aside and make an official song with the 23-year-old Kentucky native.

Check out Fat Joe and Bryson Tiller's song below. What do you think of their collaboration? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Fat Joe's Song "Love You to Pieces" Feat. Bryson Tiller

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