According to a new Associated Press/CNBC poll, half of Americans think Facebook is on its death bed. Even with other online social time wasters like Twitter and Google+, 55 percent of users log on to their profile every day. A third of users log on several times a day.

Despite how much young people are using Facebook, 51 percent predict the site’s appeal is fading. I don’t remember anyone mentioning “Facebook” and “decline” in the same sentence until December 15th, 2011. This is the day the “timeline” debuted.

I’ve felt like a fugitive of the law the past few months as I’ve been able to dodge any attempt the site has made to force the timeline on me. We’ve heard “this date” or “that date” in regards to the official date when the site would switch everyone to the new format. Well, today was my day. I now have the disgusting timeline. Friggin Zuckerberg. Maybe he hasn’t seen posts like these bashing the page format: