Wordsmith Mojavi Wright returns to Albany,over the last few year he has been taking his craft on the road. Fortunately for us, when he returns, he brings new talent back with him to bless the stage and feel that 518 love.

Mojavi is hitting us off with 2 days of poetic power for the upcoming Erotixa Slam Weekend: Return to The Source.

Friday's Erotixa Slam's Midsummer Night's Dream All Black Masquerade Soirée at The Linda (339 Central Ave., Albany).

For more details of tickets to Friday's event stop  by Fresh & Fly Clothing Store at 13 S Pearl St. Or going to

Koosa Kooss at 423 Central Avenue in Albany. Y

You can also acquire them online for $25 via Paypal here - VIP tickets ($35) are also available.