Eminem has been busy building his Shady Records brand by working with his groups and artists like Slaughterhouse. Their album release for “welcome to: Our House” is scheduled to hit shelves on August 28th. He talked about what he’s been up to with Channel 955 in Detroit.

“I actually started my album. But I haven’t fully went in yet because I’ve been finishing up this Slaughterhouse record. I’ve been kind of really honds-on with this album for the past year. This has kinda been a pet project for me. I’ve kind of been executive producing, producing, co-producing, mixing, very hands-on with it and just really involved. We’re actually finishing up today. We’re handing the album in today.”

It’s about time, Slim! The album has been moved back several times already. Cross your fingers that we’ll finally here the final product on the 28th. Em was hesitant to forecast a release date for his next solo project, but after the public’s general feeling of disappointment with all the Slaughterhouse push-backs it’s not surprising.