DMX found himself in a strange predicament on Friday (April 8). The former Ruff Ryders rapper is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who allegedly swiped his $30,000 watch.

According to TMZ, DMX met the unidentified woman at a bar in Los Angeles and brought her back and a group of people back to his hotel room in Orange County, Calif. Insiders tell the gossip website that soon after the woman arrived at X’s hotel room she disappeared along with the 45-year-old rapper’s $30,000 watch.

The Costa Mesa police were called and a search party was underway for the missing woman. Cops eventually found her and retrieved the stolen timepiece. The girl was arrested for theft of the watch. However, in a strange twist, the victim told police that DMX sexually assaulted her.

Reps for DMX say the woman is lying because there was other people in the hotel room so the rapper wasn’t canoodling with anyone in there.

Police are still investigating the woman’s claims.

Hopefully, DMX can clear his name in this case. He has more pressing issues at the moment and doesn’t need to be dragged into the legal system again.