Showing love to your fans is a major key. Just a few days after dropping his new album titled Major Key, DJ Khaled wrote a lengthy thank you letter to his fans. The entertainer touched on just how long he's been in the game while thanking fans for their loyal support.

"Fan luv where do I begin to thank you for your consistent support," Khaled wrote. "For inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be. For giving me the strength it takes to go out in the world aka the jungle to bring you the best possible version of me. Fan luv over the years we have become closer as a family. Fan luv was there when I was a young DJ ripping down any club that would allow me to display my God given talent. And if THEY wouldn't let me in, I would rip the hinges off the door to deliver you the best show on earth. Fan luv you were there when I released my 1st album 10 years ago and told the world to Holla At Me ! Fan luv you recited every lyric when Lil Wayne proclaimed I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats!!! We told THEY that we were taking over one city at a time! And that's exactly what we did. Together."

DJ Khaled's letter heaped plenty praise on his fans. He also said his goal in life is to inspire.

"Over the past 10 years of We The Best Music I have had my ups and downs but one thing never changed," Khaled continued. "And that is the support and love from my fans. When I say I do this for you I mean it. It inspires me to see that you are inspired by my energy. It inspires me when I go out in the jungle and fan luv shows up in the thousands to celebrate what we've accomplished. My goal is to spread love. My goal is to inspire the next young genius to be great. My goal is to create the best body of work that speaks to everyone. Whether you're in the mud pushing to make it out and become great or in the hills looking for a way to give back the blessings you've received. I do this for you fan luv. If it means not sleeping for weeks then that's what I'll do."

You can read the entire letter below via DJ Khaled's official Facebook page.

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