Desiigner’s recent arrest on drugs and weapons charges have certainly put a dark cloud over the promising rapper's career. But a new documentary has been released that reveals the other side of the Brooklyn rhymer’s hectic life.

The 3-minute film called “I Am Def Jam: Desiigner” takes viewers behind the scene of the 19-year-old rhymer’s humble beginnings in Brooklyn, to his work ethic in the studio and rise in the rap game.

When asked if he always wanted to be a rapper, Desiigner responds confidently, "Nah, I always see myself as being an artist. Being able to create things and put out things out there for people to enjoy and watch. I love it."

We also get to meet Desiigner's proud mother and father and the "Tiimmy Turner" rapper drops several pearls of wisdom for kids who aspire to be in the rap game.

Overall, it's an exciting time for Desiigner as he completes his debut album tentatively called Life of Desiigner.

"My job is to come back to my community and show that there's other things to do," he said. "It's an exciting moment that I can be able to bring to them."

Watch Desiigner's mini-documentary above.