Desiigner is obviously having a banner year. The Brooklyn rapper was an unknown this time last year, but on the strength of his monster hit "Panda," he's become one of the biggest rising stars in music. He's had to face criticism that he sounds like a Future knockoff, skeptics dismissing him as a one-hit wonder, and some hand-wringing about "what it means" for a guy like this to become a star this fast.

Nonetheless, Desiigner is winning. And the 19-year old Brooklyn native just dropped his debut mixtape. New English hit the web on the same day Desiigner hit the BET Awards, and the timing couldn't be better. He just landed on XXL's Freshman cover and he seems to land more high profile gigs daily.

Pusha T and King Savage are the only guests on the project. You can listen to New English here.

Track listing:

1.  The Intro
2.  Caliber
3.  Make It Out
4.  Shooters
5.  Monsters & Villians
6.  Interlude
7.  Talk Regardless
8.   Roll Wit Me
9.   Interlude
10.  Da Day
11.  Jet (featuring Pusha T)
12.  Overnight
13.  Zombie Walk (featuring King Savage)
14.  Panda


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