Desiigner doesn't necessarily consider his music "hip-hop." In a new clip with TIDAL for its DNA interview series, the "Timmy Turner" artist explains why he doesn't place a label on the music he makes.

The Brooklyn native states, "None of my dudes I chill with are rappers. I don't put us as rappers. We're all artists. In the G.O.O.D. Music camp, we all come around and we show ourselves and present ourselves as artists only." It's an interesting point of view, and it's probably one that many people have never even considered, apart from Desiigner himself.

The 2016 XXL Freshman also discusses how he ended up in the music industry. Desiigner says, "I never had a job. I never saw myself working for corporate business. My job was to entertain. I've always seen myself in the entertainment realm."

In other Desiigner-related news, his new track "Timmy Turner" is still popping, and as a result, DJ Premier decided to put his own spin on it. At the start of the track, the legendary producer says, "As a DJ when a song is popping, one thing we do is remix it."

In case you're still wondering what Desiigner was talking about on "Timmy Turner," he recently cleared that up in an interview. “Timmy Turner is me,” Desiigner tells All Def Digital. “I was referring to myself when I was saying I was wishin’ for a burner. And when I said ‘she fuckin’ for BET,’ I was referring to a girl that, you know, would do anything for the fame."

For more Desiigner music, peep his collaboration with Rich The Kid called "Strippers." Also be sure to download his first mixtape, New English. Non-TIDAL subscribers can watch the 30-second preview of the interview above. Subscribers can watch the video clip in full right here.

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