What would you do if you were owed millions of dollars from your record label? You would obviously lawyer up and hit the courts.

Well, that's what a couple of artists from Death Row Records did, however they may not even get half -- or even any -- of the money that is reportedly owed to them. According to records obtained by TMZ, rapper Snoop Dogg is out of 2 million, Dr. Dre 8 million, Nate Dogg 5 million, and Tupac 900,000. Suge Knight, who is also the founder of Death Row Records, says that he is reportedly owed around a smooth 144 million.

Now I wasn't old enough to be in the music industry, but rumors have stated that Suge Knight actually ripped off some of his artists and bullied them out of money and deals. Suge Knight is also facing murder charges and could possibly face life in prison if convicted in the 2015 hit-and-run incident where a victim was left dead. Also, the rumors of the death of Tupac have not stopped and Suge Knight was always in question.