Rhythm and Blues aka R&B is what some industry vets call a dying genre and I can't disagree more! Yes, Hip Hop has become extremely popular and has a mass cross-over appeal appearing in Pop,Rock and even Country songs.And,there was a time when the rap verse on a R&B track was just a filler.And,In the last few years R&B has gotten raunchier and for some artist the swag and soul is just obsolete in that genre.But,I believe in the R&B comeback and I've listed a few artist and albums below to help you fall back in love with the spirit of rhythm and blues or just fall more in love.

Jaheim-Struggle Love

Monica-Code Red

Anthony Hamilton-What I'm Feelin'

Jasmine Sullivan-Reality Show

Tank-Sex,Love and Pain II

K.Michelle-More Issues than Vogue

KeKe Wyatt-Rated Love


(single out "Lake By The Ocean")

These get my A+ approval if you haven't gotten a chance to hear any of these albums trust me it'll be worth it to download! If your already in possession of these well your cooler than you think!