Future went on a minor tweet rant on Monday (Jan. 4), taking aim at his former fiancee and the mother of his son, Ciara. During the session, the rapper claimed that he had to go through lawyers to see his son, pay $15,000 in child support a month and that Ciara has control problems. But now, according to E! News, a source close to the singer denies all of that, saying that Ciara has not prevented Future from seeing his son, and that the rapper has never paid $15,000 in child support.

According to the E! News source, Future is jealous that Ciara has already entered a new high profile relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson while Future remains fixated on the couple's fallout. "Future uses the situation to promote his music by staying in the press using her name," the source said. "Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that's just being evil. He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way."

TMZ also reports that Future got angry when he wasn't able to have Christmas dinner with Baby Future after Ciara agreed at first to bring him over. Future and Ciara haven't been speaking to each other in about a year.

In a number of projects released in the past year, Future has repeatedly referenced his break-up with Ciara, saying on "Thought It Was A Drought," "Bitch I'ma choose the dirty over you/You know I ain't scared to lose you" and on "Live From the Gutter," "I watched my broad give up on me like I'm average/I went back inside the attic counted up and started laughing."

A resolution doesn't seem attainable via social media and related outlets, but it's clear that the former flames are nowhere near on the same page with regards to their shared lives as parents. We will continue to update the back and forth as news develops.

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