Once again, Chris Brown is in the middle of conflicting reports over whether or not he damaged someone's property. In the below video, a fan of the singer recounts her encounter with him, saying that upon requesting a selfie with Brown, her phone was thrown off into the distance. However, based on the above video, provided by TMZ, it appears that Brown simply ignores the fan.

In May, Breezy was accused of breaking a photographer's camera during a yacht party, the photog alleging that Brown's security pushed him in such a way that his $1,200 Canon lens was cracked against a wall. Brown denied the altercation, saying “It’s a lie, lie, lie, lie” and has even posted a photo from the event, and likewise denies any wrongdoing while in Africa, his team saying that the woman was looking for free concert tickets and a photo opp, and conjured up this story when she got neither.

The accusations leveled against Brown in recent months are numbered, though he was most notably investigated for assault with a deadly weapon in late August and early September, charges that, as of this month were reportedly close to being dropped for a lack of evidence. Similar to this story, that case involves a potentially overzealous fan who was disappointed with her encounter with the singer. Baylee Curran, a former beauty pageant winner, accused the singer of pulling a gun on her, though Brown maintains his innocence, saying he was set up.

Either way, no musician has quite the relationship with his fanbase like Brown. Watch video of this most recent story up top and below.

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