Chris Brown recently unveiled his new Black Pyramid clothing line and some of his fans weren’t happy with the $98 price tags on his sweatpants and shirts. So the R&B singer jumped on Instagram and clapped back at those who complained about his pricey clothes.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Breezy scoffed at the criticisms that his prices are too high.

“Cry me a f---ing river! You bitch n----s killing over Jordan’s. Waiting in line outside for Yeezys for days. My prices are H&M and Zara prices. I’m not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything,” he writes. “So Like I always say...taste this fart I been holding in on this plane to Paris.”

Uh, okay. If this is Brown’s way of presenting good customer service to his fans, his clothing line might not last too long. But we digress.

Later, the 26-year-old singer doubled down on his rude comments but still threw in some shade for good measure.

“So, some of these so-called fans are complaining about $70 shirts, $90 shirts. What the f--- you be talking bout when you say you buy 10-15 albums? How much is that, bitch?”

Brown then posted another photo of his Black Pyramid line and reassured his fans that his prices are reasonable.

"IM DROPPING MY LINE FOR THE PEOPLE. I'm not gone rape y'all on the prices," he writes in the caption.

What do you think? Are the prices on Chris Brown’s clothing too high? Tell us in the comments below.

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