New music videos released from pop music artists.

Generation NExt : Xavier White Vs Blue Cheese
Generation NExt is the best and biggest competition for artist to get music out to the masses.
Two requirements you have to have good music and a fan base to vote for your song.
Tonight's Generation Next pick is week long reigning champ Xavier White with his single Sudden Change in the last ro…
Donkey Of The Day : Tory Lanez
Rapper/Singer Tory Lanez was recently discriminated against at a Luxury Store. The store was following Tory and his entourage around the store, thinking they were attempting to steal.
Lanez retaliated by asking for a different sales associate and then proceeded to spend 35,000 in the store...
Her Temple Monologues 5 Year Anniversary
Enjoy an evening of performances, food, and drink specials in honor of the 5 year anniversary of Her Temple Monologues
The woman-powered group has been teaching, inspiring, and entertaining throughout the Capital District and beyond through the art of spoken word and theatre performances...

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