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Can Your Significant Other FaceTime?
Today's Trending topic is it okay for your significant other to Facetime with someone other than you. I'm not talking about the family we are talking about "friends" particularly friends of the opposite sex. Do you think Facetiming with someone other than your mate qualify as c…
Generation Next: Xavier White Vs Mahadi Walker
Generation NExt is back tonight with a new champ Xavier White pulled off the win against US Bay. Xavier had 1,445 votes and US Bay had 1,139 votes.
Tonight's Generation NExt contenders are two artists from Albany and they both are Generation NExt vets...
Hot 991’s Capital District Top 10 Streaming Songs
With over 30,000 streams alone on Apple Music, Shazam, Tidal and Spotify, streaming is very popular in the Capital District and streaming music services are here to stay.
According to this week's BuzzAngle number's Albany, Troy, And Schenectady all love Kendrick Lamar, he holds two slots o…
#SAVEOURSTREETS Youth Football Clinic
This week I got a chance to catch up with my man William Rivas.
William Rivas started an organization to help the streets of Schenectady. #SaveOurStreets is a grass roots organization in Schenectady that is doing exactly what the title of the organization entails Saving Our Streets...
Hot Picks #New Music Alert
Yea I try to stay in the mix with all the new music that's popping these days. But the internet be so fast that you just gotta be on the alert when music drops. I love music period whether its trap, real rap, RnB or just vibing fun music , but I will forever love NY music...