Health & Fitness

My Experience at the 2016 PowerHealth tour
Saturday was filled with good people and great information.I attened the 2016 PowerHealth tour at the Boy and Girls center in Albany NY. The event had so much to offer and all the information and give aways was free of charge. They had a little of everything there such as MVP health care, dental, ki…
Flu Season is Upon Us
Flu season can begin as early as October this year. I for one have been sneezing all week with a runny nose. And I hate sneezing....ahhchoo!
Weather is Great! Allergies Not So Much
The warm beautiful Spring weather is FINALLY upon us but with that comes.....(aaahhhh-chooooo) seasonal allergies from ragweed & hay fever.  Ragweed is various types of flowering plants that spread pollen into the atmosphere & make its way up our noses while hay fever is allergic rhinitis ak…