Kanye West Says Slavery Was A Choice ?
Kanye West had a lot to say when he stopped by TMZ yesterday to talk about what led to his hospitalization back in November 2016. He actually told the crew that he had liposuction and became addicted to opioids after his surgery.
No Selfies In The Wild?
So apparently you can get in trouble if you take a picture in the wild. Well for wildlife photographer David  Slator he was being sued by PETA for using and selling a smiling picture of Naruto the monkey . Naruto the monkey actually took the picture himself and it caused a bit of a frenzy...
N.Y. documentary on addiction and recovery at Proctors Tuesday
An epidemic of addiction is being driven by increased heroin and prescription drug   use. In 2015, overdose deaths from all opioids, including heroin, rose by 16 percent across the country compared to 2014. New York State, deaths increased by more than 28 percent, to a total of 2,184, acco…
Teenager Accepted To All 20 Top Colleges in The U.S
High School student enrolled in one of America’s top universities next year, he just has to decide which one. Brown applied to 20 top colleges in the United States and was accepted to all with full scholarship, plus $260,000 he’s earned in scholarships..
The Supreme Experience #FREEMIX
The Supreme Experience In The Mix Commercial Free Weekdays at 5p on and The Hot 991 App. You can take the FREEMIX with you where ever you go check out the #FREEEMIX stream on mixcloud.
Is Jay-Z Stunting Or Lying?
Hip-Hop mogul and rap icon Jay-Z dropped some serious cash this weekend in honor of his friend, Roc Nation Sports President Juan “OG” Perez’s 50th birthday.

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