Remember awhile back when I wrote the article about a Capital Region home builder building a fortress to protect his Trump 2016 sign, well those security measures didn't work because the sign was stolen AGAIN !

Getty Images

Despite new security measures — including chicken wire and flood lights — that Marini showed CapCon over the weekend, a ninth theft occurred after midnight Sunday night.

Grainy black-and-white security camera footage, screenshots of which Marini sent us, shows a thief (it appears to be a man in a dark long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt) reaching over the fencing to pluck the sign out of the ground and take off at 12:30 a.m.

I guess freedom of speech comes with a cost? People are talking about boycotting Robert Marini's building company because of his political views. Is this really worth supporting any political candidate ? Why is Marini so invested in Trump ? Donald Trump has brought out the crazy in American politics.

I can only imagine the madness that will go on if he is elected. You can't fire people up with propaganda and not expect for this type of thing to happen. To check out the survelience footage and some hilarious comments head on over to Times Union.