More Love and Hip Hop Drama this time is Bow Wow vs Rich Dollaz apparently Bow Wow is upset that Rich Dollaz was on a interview talking about how Bow Wow and Erica Mena's engagement was a hoax and their relationship has been over.

When Bow Wow got wind of this he took to twitter to talk about how Richie D doesn't take care of his kids. His fiancé/Ex fiancé who know's got involved too accusing Rich of taking part in gay activity in Atlanta.

Shad Moss gets at @richiedollaz for spilling the tea! 👀👀🍸 Link in bio if you missed it

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Love and Hip Hop is Jerry Springer on steroids God bless them all. If this is what it takes to be famous in 2015 I'm good just doing my radio show. This is a mess.