Production company Just Kidding Films is a group of creative comedians who want to bring cultural diversity through comedy. The Asian comedy troupe recently offered their comedic take on Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music’s black-and-white video ‘Mercy’ with their inventive one-shot-style clip, ‘Mazda.’

While the G.O.O.D. Music team rap the praises of the luxury car Lamborghini Murciélago, the guys of Just Kidding Films gives props to Japanese carmakers Toyota, Honda and Mazda for their economical gas-efficient vehicles.

In their video, Geovanna Antoinette (aka Geo) kicks things off on a funny note. “Drop it to the floor that’s a Honda / The first of the week that’s a Monday / I got a car wash for my car, that cost money / Vietnamese sandwich that’s a bánh mì,” she raps.

Then Bart Kwan — dressed in all black including a trash bag(?) as a vest — comes through to tout the benefits of his Mazda car. “Power windows / Turn signals / Cut be on the floor / Buttons on the door / Like a luxury limo / Windshield wiper / Responsible driver / Pay my registration on time / and my insurance is on line,” he spits.

Funnyman Ricky Shucks (aka 2 Chins) has the best verse in the video rapping about his Honda Accord. “Horsepower, horsepower / 177 horsepower / And it’s a hybrid / So when I charge it up, I can drive it for a whole hour,” he rhymes, adding, “while my air condition roaring / Got me feeling like I’m soaring / It seats five comfortably / And my trunk got room for storage.”

At the end of the clip, their Mazda vehicle gets stolen and the crew chases after it. All and all, Just Kidding Films ‘Mazda’ video is a hilarious and creative parody. The comedy troupe shows that their “projective swag” is on a hundred million trillion.

Watch Just Kidding Films ‘Mercy’ Parody Video