We all know that Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are total BFFs who love to do everything together. Last year, the dynamic duo shocked their fans at the 2016 BET Awards with their anti- slut-shaming outfits and now they are wowing crowds in Trinidad.

Rose and Chyna are currently celebrating this year’s Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and they are bringing their fans along with them. On Tuesday (Feb. 9), Tyga’s baby mama shared on her Instagram account photos and videos of their bejeweled bikini costumes.

For those who don’t know, at Carnival it’s tradition that partygoers wear elaborate costumes as they celebrate the last days of Mardi Gras before Ash Wednesday. For the ladies, it includes wearing feathered headpieces and bright-colored bikinis.

Both Rose and Chyna looked amazing in their matching peacock-inspired costumes. The couple choose to go with a pink and purple headdress and matching feathered anklets as well. We also love their bikinis, which were laced in baubles.

"Today is going to be so fun," Chyna declared in a video shared on Instagram.

We know Rose and Chyna are having some serious fun right now. Too bad we can’t be there to watch it all go down. But at least we have Chyna’s photos. Check them out below.

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