Debut Album by Dave Ea$t-Kairi Chanel

Album Review:

Now this is that NY flavor his hunger to be the best is just infectious his flow is so NY. The scary part about him is that this is only his first album and he’s only going to get better and grittier. He’s bringing that Realness back to Hip-Hop that needs it especially in Harlem he’s definitely putting Harlem back on the map not that it wasn’t already there already just making it bigger than it is.

Love his lyrical flow it’s hard it’s just so NY his hunger is just different. He recently signed to Def Jam they will not regret signing him because he’s only going to get more dope as he comes out with more sick bars.

He reminds me of a young Cam’ron they both from Harlem stay fresh I swear Harlem be having the flyest people they really know fashion. He loves his craft and truly wants to be the best outta Harlem. Now if you want to check out this great debut album here’s the link

You'll love this if you haven’t heard him before.