I'm not an Albany native, but compared to other places that I have been to...Albany life is kind of boring. Here's a few things Albany needs to do to step up their A-game:

1. Cut the construction!

Beaufort's TheDigitel, flickr

It seems like no matter what time of the year it is..Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. I'm always running into some construction site on my way to work. I know construction once in awhile is necessary...but come on Albany, get it together. Always under construction 13 months out the year word to Rev Run!

2. Better night life


We got the Ginger Man, Washington Tavern, The Pearl Street Pub and Juniors...snooze. Night life in Albany really isn't the wave if you've been to New York City, Atlanta or Houston. Although we're located within the Capitol Region, it doesn't mean we have to be boring. Make night life better, open a few hookah lounges or better strip clubs.

3. Have more than one Apple Store

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Almost everyone this day in age is Team iPhone, Macbook or iPad. When something goes wrong, we automatically go to the Apple Store, that's where they repair our devices if we have the Apple Care. Now the thing is...there is only ONE Apple Store in Albany, NY. So the wait to get seen by an Apple Associate is very frustrating, especially when you want to purchase a device. The next Apple Store is 70+ miles away in Massachusetts or Connecticut. I'm gonna need them to put some more stores out here.

4. A zoo

A zoo is needed. I know traveling down to the Bronx Zoo on their free Wednesdays gets costly, especially if you're traveling all the way from up here. There should be a zoo within the area that parents should be able to take their kids. Show them something they aren't used to seeing.

5. An amusement park

Miami Herald, MCT via Getty Images

 Amusement parks just make people...families, happy in general. Why wouldn't we want to see that happiness amongst our community? Disney makes everyone happy, why not try and emulate a mini amusement park somewhere in Albany.

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