Have you ever been in the car or walking and see the people on the side of the road holding signs that ask for help because there either homeless,jobless, family less, and or it could be a combination of all or none but we never know because we never stop to ask. DJ  King Sean and his KrownMe ENT has gone above and beyond in giving out an extra helping hand in the homeless community. This Saturday Sept 3rd at the Railyard  on 1118 Central Ave Albany NY , KrownMe ENT presents a day party to give the homeless and those in need time to relax and kick back also to enjoy some free food, None Alcoholic beverages, also collecting some free clothes and shoes, while listening to some good music delivered by some of the CapCity's Dj's.
This event Is also to show awareness to the community that the homeless are still humans just going through rough times, if we all just reached out to help one another the homeless numbers could go down so much. KrownMe Plans to lower the homeless rate even if it's one family at a time.