After getting caught stunting on Instagram, 50 Cent has filed court documents in his bankruptcy case saying that all of the cash in his photos are fake.

According to the Wrap, the 40-year-old rapper filed the documents on Tuesday (March 8) explaining that the cash in his photos is "'prop money' used for G-Unit Records' videos and photo shoots." Fif maintains that he has to flaunt his "imaginary" wealth to maintain his brand.

"Hip-hop culture is widely recognized as aspirational in nature. The standard by which artists and fans engage is commonly tied to money, jewelry, products and advertising over social media,” 50 Cent said in the filing. "Just because I am sensitive to the needs of maintaining my brand does not mean that I am hiding assets or that I have lied on my filings in this Bankruptcy Case, neither of which is true."

As we previously reported, Bankruptcy Judge Ann Nevins ordered 50 to appear in bankruptcy court to explain his money flossing on the ‘Gram. The U.S. trustee's office is requesting Nevins to hire an examiner to examine the rapper's assets.

Recent court filings in the case revealed that 50 Cent is far from broke. The G-Unit leader has over $64 million in assets and property, including $44 million in brokerage accounts with his businesses.

Attorneys for 50 Cent had not comment on the matter.

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