Is the feud between 50 Cent and the Game finally over? Maybe. The two rappers reportedly attended the same party at a Los Angeles club over the weekend.

Apparently, both rappers found themselves partying at the Playhouse club. Although they were in the same place, neither 50 or Game cross paths with each other inside the venue.

According to Complex, the Game’s manager Wack100 went inside the club first and talked with Fif to let him know that everything is cool.

"As always I make things come together. F--- what the media talking about the animals in the jungle rule the jungle! I @50cent @wack100 2 bosses with a mutual understanding. Respect through a handshake," he wrote in an Instagram post. "I thank my big bro @therealdjkayslay for continuing to instill the knowledge of understanding in me."

Once the Game was inside the club, he apparently spent $7,800 and bought a number of bottles of 50's own Effen vodka. That's the same vodka that the Compton rhymer wrote about in his lengthy, drunken Instagram post where he wrote some disrespectful things about R&B songbird Kehlani.

Later, the Game posted a photo of his expensive liquor tab to show proof of his extravagant spending. "We come. We f--- s--- up & we leave," he wrote in the caption.

It's good to see that 50 Cent and the Game are now cordial with each other. We don't know if this will spark a collaboration in the future but you never know.

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