There’s nothing funny about a robbery, but the context in which 2 Chainz got caught when he was a teen is pretty comical. Not just the fact that he got whacked for robbing a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, but how he got caught.

Fresh off a vehicle heist, he decided to visit a Wendy’s restaurant to inquire how much loot was in the register. “We were like, ‘How much usually be in the register?’ So he told us around 6 or 7 it’s like, he might have said $800. But he works the drive-thru window so we’re like ‘So look, we gonna ride through. You got us, right?’ He’s like ‘Yeah.’”

The robbery attempt was cut short when the rapper ordered a large lemonade and another worker said “That sound like Tauheed.”, his real name. Then a high school student, he got a flat tire on the stolen vehicle and ran away, ditching the attempt.

Check out the whole story in the video below.