Another year on the books it has been a wild 2016 and I'm ready to see what 2017 has to offer. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Random Celebrity Deaths, Brexit, United States Race Relations, there is a lot to cover this year.   Here are the top 10 things that we need to leave in 2016.

The Word Lit

- Lit/Litty and all tenses of the verb Lit.  It's really becoming way to much everything isn't lit.  Somethings you don't want to be lit and what is the present tense of lit ?  Litty no please stop it moving forward in 2017

Surprise album drops

- It's crazy when you go to sleep one day and wake up the next day and your favorite artist has dropped a whole album and you are left out clueless.   This whole process makes you question your credibility as a fan.

Kanye West

- Even though I like Kanye West music, the rants and over the top promotion has to stop.  All attention isn't good attention, Kanye West is ruining his credibility and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Road rage

- Having just experienced a road rage event.  People have to learn to take it easy, a car accident isn't worth taking a life just slow down and be easy.

Arguing About Racism Online

- Online Racism is at an all time high. I watch people argue about race more than ever via the internet.  Most of these people will never interact and express their opinions on race in public. So why bother arguing with the keyboard KKK, it seems like a revolving circle of online time-wasting. Go outside and do something.

Everything Kardashian

- Another year of making people famous for doing absolutely nothing. When will this trend stop ?  A family of people who are famous and don't do anything.

The Donald Trump Obsession

- I've never seen so many people interested in the President of the United States and ive lived through Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama.  The presidential election has literally turned into another source of entertainment for people.   A political WWE and the Don has people tuned in. There have been far worst choices for President in the history of the United States.   It's crazy people know all about Donald Trump but have no idea who their local council man or woman is.


- How do you find a way to make smoking tobacco safe ?  You don't... It's all bad for you.  Don't ever try to tell that to people who enjoy vaping, I guess they think you look like your smoking weed?  Well, guess what guys you don't look like Snoop, just go back to the regular old cancer sticks they are tried and proven.

Snapchat filters

- How many time can you take pictures of your face with puppy ears in one day ?

Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions.

- Every year we hear these crazy New Years Resolution from life progression, financial prosperity, new relationships, etc.  Stop lying, make realistic New Years goals so you can follow through with them.  The follow through is way more important than the goal. Start small win Big.